Krg the Don: Andrew Kibe and Stivo Simple Boy Look Like ‘ Chimpanzees’

It is like the online war between Krg the Don vs Andrew Kibe and Stivo Simple Boy is not yet over. Krg is still insulting the two celebrities for hitting out at him and shaming him publicly. Andrew Kibe has been heard several times insulting Krg the Don and according to his content, it seems like he won’t stop insulting him soon.

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For the case of Stivo Simple Boy, he landed himself into troubles with Krg the Don, after he shared a post on his Instagram page, claiming that he doesn’t know Krg the Don. This was somehow a way of downgrading Krg.

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Krg didn’t take the insults lightly and he decided to fire back at Kibe and Stivo Simple Boy, by saying that the two celebrities are the only human Chimpanzees he knows. He said this as he flaunts documents from the national government and KWS.

Krg said that he has now been allowed to start a zoo and keep wild animals. Hence he is currently looking for wild animals to keep, and among them is Andrew Kibe and Stivo Simple Boy, who look like Chimpanzee, according to him.

” Sasa serekali imenikubali kufuga wild animals, natafuta wanyama kama vile tumbili , sokwe na zingine, Andrew Kibe na Simple Boy ndio sokwe najua na niko tayari kuzifuga” Krg the Don.

This is an abusive language, but Krg the Don doesn’t care, he is rich and he always says whatever he wants, how he feels without any fear. He is among the Kenyan celebrities who are always ready to fight online trolls by themselves.

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