Revealed: See How Obinna Used To Earn Ksh.40,000 Per Working Day at Kiss Fm.

Salary of Obinna

Obinna was among the Kenyan media Personalities and Radio presenters who were earning a very good amount of money in the Radio industry.

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In an interview with 2mbili, Kamene Goro systematically broke down the amount of money Obinna was earning per day and also generally the amount of money he used to  earn per month.

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Kamene revealed that Obinna used to Earn Kenyan shillings 40,000 per day, hence for the five working days, he is  earning ksh. 200000.

(courtesy 2mbili YouTube).

(Kamene, 2mbili and Obinna).

This means that, every week Obinna was earning ksh. 200000, which means in a month he used to earn a salary between ksh. 600,000 to 800,000.

Kamene said that actually Obinna was earning much money than her. Obinna defended herself by saying that he has four children so the salary is worth it. He also insisted that the salary is three times the money he used to earn in his previous workplace.

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Obinna was previously working at Nation Fm with Antoniosoul but when Corona came he was forced to quit the job. Before landing into the job with kiss 100,Obinna was working as an event organiser, mcee and also he has a youtube channel.It was a very huge win for him and it changed his life.

Kamene said that she choose to work with Obinna because they vibe, and she was hopeful they will make it to the top again like the way she did with Jalang’o. However the two exited Kiss fm in 2023 due to some disagreements.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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