Old is Gold : See How Enigma Modric Helped Real Madrid to Humiliate Psg

Psg vs Real Madrid


(courtesy, Real Madrid).

Luka Modric is an enigma in the world of football. He is one of the rare species in the current soccer world, despite being past 30 years, Modric is still playing like a young energetic teen.
Yesterday on 9th March 2022 during the champions league round of 16 qualification, Modric played a very huge role. He was part of the players who led Real Madrid to the victory, by humiliating the expensive Psg 3-1 at Santiago Bernabeu.
Modric was the main supplier of passes and he was unbeatable in the middle field. He was the stopper of Messi and his intensity was just on another level. He gave an outstanding performance after dribbling the ball from Real Madrid’s defense, past the Psg middle fielders and went a head and created a chance for Benzema to score the second goal.
Modric also played a role in helping Benzema to complete his hatrick and giving Real Madrid a direct ticket to the quarter finals of champions league. Real won on an aggregate of (3-2). Modric will forever remain the best ever middle fielder in the history of Real Madrid.

The defeat is a very huge painful loose for Psg which has invested a lot in buying super stars and spending alot of money to pay the likes of Messi, Mbappe and Neymar. The morale of the players will lower and this means that next season some of this players will leave the club. Messi might return to camp Nou and Mbappe might make a sensational move to Real Madrid

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