Revealed: Reasons Kenyan women are falling for boda boda riders

Reasons Kenyan women are falling for boda boda riders

 Reasons Kenyan women are falling for boda boda riders.

Since the late President Mwai Kibaki gave greenlight on the importation of motorbikes, famous as ‘Boda Boda’ in Kenya , Kenyan women have really developed their love for the riders.

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This riders are known for their services which is transporting people from one point to another , in most cases for short distances or roads without Matatus.They are also essential during peak hours and during traffic jams .

However beside their basic services, it is evident that most Kenyan women and school girls are really falling in love with this riders. It has become so easy for a boda-boda rider to lure his passenger into his love trap.

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Here are the reasons Why Kenyan Women are Falling in Love With Boda Boda Riders.

1. Fast Cash.
Majority of this riders have fast cash, because there payments are made instantly after a trip .A good number of women in Kenya love money.Therefore, any man  who has money, can easily get a woman he wants. They therefore use that cash to lure ladies, especially school girls.

2. They are readily available.

They always come through for ladies and they are always readily available when needed. It is just a phone call away and within minutes they are at their doorstep.

3. Free Rides .

This has made alot of school girls and also peoples wives to be impregnated by riders. They usually offer free rides to them and in return they ask for a favour, which is getting intimate.

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Everyone loves free things, so ladies utilize this chance to save , while riders use the opportunity to win their heart and trust .

4. They are performers.

Most of the riders are young energetic men. Generally this young people have energy and when it comes to bedroom matters they never disappoint.Women believe that since they are you used to doing hard work, it makes them good performers when it comes to making love.

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