Pritty Vishy: I’m Done With Love, Just Found Out My Current Boyfriend is A Married Man.

Famous controversial kenyan content creator and upcoming socialite , Pritty Vishy is heartbroken again. This is after she found out that she has been dating someone’s husband.

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Speaking via her YouTube channel, Pritty Vishy couldn’t hold her tears while she was narrating how the man she gave her heart, was playing with her mind, and made her to fall in love with him, and invest her feelings on him.

The content creator said that , in 2023, this is the second time, she finding out that she is dating someone’s husband. Pritty said that she was deeply in love with this gentleman and things went left when she posted him on her social media pages.

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It happened that her wife saw the post, and that is how the whole drama started. Pritty said that the wife to the man called her, and warned her from flirting with her man, yet in real Pritty and the man were dating, and she wasn’t aware that the man is married.

Stivo Simple Boy ex girlfriend said that this is the relationship that has really touched her heart. She said that she is done with love for good. Men are doing her bad, and everytime she falls in love, they breakup or she finds out that she is dating a married man.

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Pritty Vishy said that it is time for her to be alone, she is a lover girl, but men are really doing her bad. Pritty was very heartbroken and she literally shed tears on a live camera, and it was evident that she was indeed in pain.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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