Kichwa Mbaya, Odi Wa Murang’a Smokes Bhang Live On Camera During an Interview.

Gengetone artist , and one of the members of boondocks gang, Odi Wa Murang’a caused stir online, after he decided to do smoke bhang during an interview with the famous online media journalist, Presenter Ali .

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Presenter Ali had gone to interview Odi Wa Murang’a, about the incident that happened at Mia amor lounge in Lang’ata, where he claimed that one of the bouncers wanted to assault him.

Speaking during the interview, Odi Wa Murang’a said that all the things Eric Omondi was saying were just lies. He said that it is true that he was caught in ladies washrooms , and he had gone to help his girlfriend who was unwell and vomiting.

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The main reason why he claimed that the bouncer wanted to assault him, was on how he was manhandled. They didn’t even listen to him, they pulled him as they touch his private parts.

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After narrating everything that happened, Odi Wa Murang’a deep hands in his pockets and he pulled out a roll of bhang lighted it and he started smoking live on camera. He seemed to be very fearless as he smoked with alot of confidence.


In one of the previous interviews, the musician admitted that he can’t live without marijuana, he likes smoking it and he is used to it.

Odi Wa Murang'a smoked bhang live on camera
Odi Wa Murang’a smoking Bhang  live on camera

Remember marijuana is illegal in Kenya and maybe the video might lead him into problems because he is a public figure and a celebrity.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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