Who is King Roso? Peter Kioi Finally Reveals The Identity of This Mysterious Millionaire.

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and tiktoker, Peter Kioi, who went viral in 2023 for advocating for justice for Jeff, finally decided to let the bag out of the cat and revealed the real identity of King Roso.

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Kioi said that he has ever been on a phone call with King Roso and he even has his Mpesa message. According to Peter the real name of King Roso is Omar Ahmed. He said that he is from Mombasa Kenya but based in Dubai.

Peter Kioi said that he is ready to reveal everything that King Roso is planning, and in what seemed to be a controversial statement, he claimed that he is the one who is taking away innocent lives of tiktokers.

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He even revealed a huge lists, that he alleged that is the list of people that Kingroso is allegedly planning to sacrifice. This are just allegations from Peter Kioi, he was revealing this while drunk.
He said that he is ready to die, but he will make sure that he has revealed anything. He is not an attention seeker, he is ready to reveal everything and he will let kenyans know Kingroso and wil make sure all is out.

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