Pastor Kanyari: In Less Than 7 Days I Have Already Made Ksh.400,000 On Tiktok.

The man of God and most controversial kenyan pastor, Pastor Kanyari finally has decided to reveal to the public how he has been able to milk a huge amount of money from tiktok in just less than 7 days.

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Kanyari joined tiktok after tiktokers managed to raise ksh.8 Million for Brian Chira in less than a week. The pastor was impressed and he immediately decided to open a tiktok account.

Everyone knew his move, but he said that his intention is just to spread the word of God on all social media platforms, and especially tiktok because it has alot of youths. He said that the money he makes from the platform he will be taking it to children homes.

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In a span of less than seven days, Kanyari revealed that he was able to get ksh.400,000 . All are from the tap tap the screen slogan and encouraging people to send gifts.
Indeed tiktok has money, all you need is just fame and people who are willing to gift you. The likes of Tizian, Prince Mwiti, Peter Kioi and Nyako are among the celebrities who are making good amount of money on Tiktok.

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