” I Always Pray God To Bless Me With Customers” Meet Kenyan Lady Who is Making Millions of Money Through Selling Coffins.

Coffin business is one of the most feared businesses in Kenya, but it is just business like other businesses, the only difference is that for this business to flourish, many people must die, and here you will get many customers to buy your coffin.Remember death is a rite of passage and at the end everyone will die.

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Chamwancha is one of the successful women who have made it in this business. She started doing it in 2005 up-to-date. Speaking in an interview she said at the beginning it was tough because people used to fear her, but as time goes on, they understood death is something that everyone will go through, and one sign of respecting the death is by buying them a good coffin.

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She sells a variety of Coffins and her showroom has coffins worth millions of money. There are regular Coffins, where the cheapest one is worth ksh.10,000. There is also the ones that most people prefer buying, which costs between ksh.20,000 to ksh 60,000.
In the VIP section, there is a variety of expensive imported Coffins, the prices starts from ksh.100,000 . The most expensive coffin in this section is worth ksh.350,000 and it is very different and unique from others.

Speaking in an interview , the woman said that she really respect the death, but never wish people to die. Her prayers to God is that if there is someone who has passed on, then God can direct the customers to her so that they can get a very decent coffin to give their beloved one a decent sendoff.

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She said that she prays in a business way, and just like the normal human being, she knows the pain of loosing your beloved one. She knows it is painful and she can do nothing about it because its God who decides.

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