Pesa Zetu! Jackie Matubia In Trouble For Allegedly Scamming Kenyans Millions Of Money.

Renown Kenyan Actress, Jackie Matubia is in hot soup for allegedly scamming kenyans, this is after the brand she influenced turned out to be a scam.

According to evidence from a reliable source, Jackie Matubia was advertising a brand that was entailed adopt a tree twende mara. Here a person was supposed to adopt 1 tree at ksh.1000 and the entrance was about 100 trees, it was a way of dealing with global warming.

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Then after a person has adopted a tree, they will be getting back, 20% of their revenues weekly. Since Jackie is a very trusted influencer, it has turned out that a huge number of kenyans invested.

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Through the comments section of her posts people questioned. Jackie decided to reply to one of the fans, by telling them that she was told their is something like system updates, and those people are no longer picking her calls. She has however handed over the issues to her lawyers.

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There is divided opinions amongst fans, where a huge number of them blames Jackie for advertising the brand that is a scam. Because it just operates like the Mara scam that scammed Kenyans millions of money. Things are getting tough because people are now demanding for their money.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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