Angry Tiktokers Now Blame Azziad Nasenya For The Death of Brian Chira.

Brian Chira’s death got many people shocked, and the blame game started immediately Chira was pronounced dead, and the cause of his death being an accident and he was also under the influence of alcohol.

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According to the famous tiktokers who were also very close friends of Chira, that is Manzi wa Mombasa, Obidan Dela and Jude Magambo, they think that Chira was battling with depression and all was because, of the case Azziad Nasenya filed against him, which was cyber bullying and defamation.

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This so Chira being jailed for some days, and ever since that, he has been begging for apology from Azziad but she never accepted it. Chira died begging for apology. Tiktokers say that he fell into

depression that made him become a drunkard and hence being among the cause of his death.

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They feel that if Azziad could have forgiven him, then things could have not turned up the way they turned out. He drunk heavily knowing that he has a case in court that could have led him to jail.

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