My Family went through a lot before reprieve came by.

Families go through quite a lot and that is how my family has been suffering all along
since I was born.

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No jobs and no peace of mind. Our family property worth sh 14 million located in
Nakuru Town was also being grabbed away by unknown people. Very disturbing indeedat a time we needed money to take care of us in school and colleges.

Our suffering was long and people were laughing us always. We had nowhere to hide.

We had a lot to worry about as all our siblings could not attend college because of lack of school fees. Everything was tumbling down. Falling down like the Biblical tower of
babel. So sad!

It was not until we were introduced to a powerful traditional healer called Dr. Kiwangawhose Moble Number is +254 769404965 that our family started getting some reprieve. Some good news at least. To get proper diagnoses and medication, why not call the medicine man on +254 769404965 .

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I am now happy to report back that we have our family wealth back and intact and all our siblings are back to college. Thank you, our traditional healer, by the name of DrKiwanga. I can recommend to the doctor.

Illustration photo ( Courtesy).

As usual, Kiwanga Doctors exercise doctor-client confidentiality; neither client’s file
records, identity nor secrets will be shared to a third party or made public unless

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