Pastor Ezekiel Breaks Silence Over The Death Of Brian Chira.

The death of Brian Chira a famous controversial content creator left many people shocked. However what is more shocking is how people are willing to fund his burial yet when he was battling with depression and addiction to alcohol they used to troll him. They didn’t show him that love, they infact made him to fall into depression more.

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In a viral video online, Ezekiel decided to talk about people who don’t help others when they need them most, however when they die, they pretend and come to buy for them expensive coffins and use alot of money to fund their burial.

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This is relatable to the happenings of Brian Chira, people have waited for his death, and now, they are ready to give him and expensive sent off. That is hypocrisy and Ezekiel has really highlighted it well and it mostly happens in Kenya.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.




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