” I Tried My Best To Help But Alcohol and HIV Finished Him” Brian Chira’s ‘Mum’ Speaks Up.

For those who know Brian Chira, there was only one person he used to call Mum, and that person is Pilot Nyako. Remember Chira was a total orphan who was being raised by his grandmother. However he usually used to refer to Nyako as ‘ Mum’.

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Nyako really tried her best to help him, she even went to an extend of mobilising people, to raise money for Chira. They raised ksh.300,000 that helped Chira to relocate and furnish his house.
It was a good gesture but Chira didn’t appreciate her, he went on and talked bad about Nyako. He abused her while drunk, and later came to apologise saying it was alcohol influence.

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Nyako forgave him and by the time of his death they were in good blood. In her tiktok live, Nyako said that she tried her best but addiction to Alcohol, HIV Drugs and peer pressure finished Chira.
She warned him several times but Chira didn’t listen, and this is what led to his death because he was hit by a track while drunk.

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