Emotional Brian Chira’s Grandmother Reveals Why His Burial Will Take Long.

Brian Chira’s only remaining Gurdian, who is his grandmother finally decided to open up on the burial of her grandson who died via a very tragic accident that was unexpected.

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The grandmother who has not been well ever since the death of Chira emotionally revealed why the burial will take long. They are still confused on where they will burry him, and it is not clear whether he will be buried in Githunguri, Kagwe area or somewhere else.

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They are still waiting to negotiate on that and it might take some time because all the parties must be involved and come with a single agreement , which will be the final place where Chira will be laid to rest.
Speaking via tiktok live she seemed not to be having energy, but she is optimistic that everything will go on well. Remember Chira was the breadwinner of the family and he has been the one helping her and other young siblings .

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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