Okiya Omtatah Reveals One Big Mistake That Ruto Did on his Swearing in Day

Okiya Omtatah Explains how Ruto Disrespected the Constitution on his Inauguration

Busia Senator  and people’s activist , Okiya Omtatah has revealed one very big mistake, That Ruto Did on Inauguration. Omtatah who is a qualified lawyer, and has been at the forefront of defending constitution, questioned the president’s actions on Inauguration.

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Okiya Omtatah Revealing the Mistake Ruto Did.

Speaking in interview with Jeff Koinange on Citizen Tv. Omtatah said that William Ruto was given two instruments of power. The instruments were a sword and the constitution.

Okiya Omtatah
Busia Senator, Okiya-Omtatah/courtesy

When the president received  the sword , he showed it to the whole nation while smiling. But when the president received the constitution , he didn’t bother about it, he hurriedly took it and put  it aside.

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According to Okiya Omtatah that is disrespecting the rule of law. The constitution is the rule of law that governs the nation. Ruto was supposed to show it to the nation, to assure Kenyans that he will protect it.

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The Busia Senator said that is a symbolic sign of the president’s regime, however he prays that the president respects the constitution. He said that he prayed for him and he hope, that everything will be fine under the new regime.

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