“No Runoff” Latest Opinion Polls Shows Raila Leading With A Wider Margin.

Latest presidential opinion polls in Kenya.

“No Runoff” Latest Opinion Polls Shows Raila Leading With A Wider Margin.

The countdown is at 38 days only remaining to the most awaited day which is August 9th. The latest opinion polls have shown that Raila Odinga is indeed gaining popularity and he has already beaten William Ruto with a bigger margin.

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Barely 2 months ago the gap between Azimio La Umoja and Kenya Kwanza coalition was just a minimum of 2% and Ruto was dominating almost 90 %of  Mt Kenya region. However after the selection of the deputy president, the Martha Karua influence has made the people of the Mountain to start changing their minds.

Currently it has been revealed that Raila has a good percentage of votes from the Mountain region though William Ruto is still leading.

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In the information published in one of the Kenyan Newspaper known as the star, it has been revealed that currently Raila Odinga is leading in Opinion polls with 44% while Ruto is still at 38 %.

Opinion polls showing Raila Leading with a wider margin against Ruto

This is a difference of 6% and remember the needed percentage is 51 %  and there is still some days to the general election. Both coalitions have launched their manifestos and currently people are having different opinions about the manifestos of Azimio and Kenya Kwanza.

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The biggest question with the Azimio La Umoja Manifesto is how Raila will be able to pay Kenyans ksh. 6000 per month, while when it comes to Kenya Kwanza the biggest question is on how they will effectively handle corruption.

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