Mungai Eve : Why I Refused to sell my Youtube Channel for ksh.10 Million.

Mungai Eve Narrates How she declined to sell her Youtube Channel.

One of the most famous Kenyan female celebrity, youtuber and content creator Mungai Eve has finally opened up on the Amount of Money she was offered to sell her youtube channel that is currently among the top channels with more subscribers in Kenya.

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Speaking in an interview with DNA who has started his new interview show after going silent for a while in  music industry, Mungai Eve revealed that her youtube channel has attracted a lot of offers from individuals and also famous organisations.
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Eve said that when she was starting youtube, that is 2 years ago, 2020 when Corona was at the peak, it took her only 1day and 1 video to get to 1000 subscribers and also to hit 4000 watch hours. The video that was his breakthrough was her first video which was  with the famous sheng master Madocho.

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Eve said the growth was so shocking and hence it attracted several organisations and tycoons that were offering her a good amount of money so that she can sell for the em. Mungai Eve said that she was offered ksh. 10 Million  by a certain tycoon linked to a certain organisation. But she refused the money because she had a vision with her content.

Currently her YouTube channel has over 560k subscribers and she is making over ksh.1.5 Million per month from the channel. The channel has made her live the life she once dreamt of living and also to buy a car and invest in other fields.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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