” Niwacheni! It Is Not Must You Know If I Have Money, Ni Pesa Zangu” Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze Roars.

The viral video of Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze washing clothes at her rural home, claiming that she is back to the village, caused stir online. It was a topic on all social media platforms, and from the allegations, people were claiming that Kaveve Kazoze is broke, which is something they had said themselves in an interview.

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It was not therefore difficult for people to connect her being upcountry and being broke. Ankaliray took his time to reach out at Ngesh. He questioned  her about her current situation, and also on being broke.

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Ngesh felt offended by the question, angry Ngesh said that she is not okay people being in het business. She said that her being broke, is not supposed to be anyone’s problem.
The upcoming gengetone musician said that it is not a musy people know that she has money, and if she has, then it is her money, it is just time for people to mind thei business, and leave her to just enjoy life.

Ngesh was very angry and she couldn’t hold it, she hanged up the phone and her last statement was that she is cool and where she is should not bother anyone, she is just good and according to her everything is fine.

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