Klaus and Nasieku : We are Not Dating But We Love Each Other.

The famous tiktok couple, Klaus and Nasieku have finally come out openly to reveal their relationship to the public. This is after the viral video of Klaus proposing to Nasieku, and this sealed completely the perception of people who weren’t sure of their relationship.

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Speaking in an interview with Ala C, Klaus and Nasieku revealed that they have never dated each other and they aren’t dating. What people see online is just content creation, they have a good chemistry, that is why they usually do romantic shoots to an extend that someone can think that they are dating.

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They revealed that it was a mutual agreement between them , not to have any romantic relationship, because if you mix business with love, the chances of failing are high, and this might affect each other and make them lag behind or affect the progress.

Klaus and Nasieku : We are Not Dating But We Love Each Other.
Klaus and Nasieku : We are Not Dating But We Love Each Other.

However the two are best friends who just love each other, they are always their for each other and they care more about each other. Their chemistry has propelled their success, and from grass now they are enjoying the fruits of their friendship and hardwork.

The two are part of the Alpha House, the dance crew that is very famous on Tiktok, and has been landing into amazing deals that have really changed their lives. They are destined to success.

The two made it clear that they are a business couple, and when it comes to their personal relationships, they decided not to talk more about it. They thanked their fans for always supporting them , and they promised them more great and amazing content.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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