” Nitakanyagwa Na Gari Nikufe Kesho” How Brian Chira Predicted His Death.

They usually say that the power of the tongue has alot to do with whatever you say. Sometimes what you say might be a manifestation that may come to pass. However a good number of people don’t know this, it is therefore crucial to check on your words and be positive in whatever you say.

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In a video that has gone viral online, Tiktoker Brian Chira is heard live on Tiktok saying that he doesn’t care what will happen to him anytime. He said that he can even be hit by a car tomorrow and die.
” Wacheni kuniambia izo ushenzi zenu, mama yangu ako kwa kaburi, naweza gongwa na gari kesho na nikufe” Those were the exact words of Brian Chira, and this time he was arguing with a group of tiktokers, who had came to atleast tell him to behave well after he had been helped by Nyako.

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True to his words, just a year later,Brian Chira got involved in a tragic accident, He was hit by an speeding white canter, and died on the spot. His head was badly damaged, and that was the end of the sensational and controversial tiktoker Brian Chira.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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