Jackie Matubia: I Lost Count in Men, I’m Looking For My 3rd Husband.

Jackie Matubia: I Lost Count in Men, I’m Looking For My 3rd Husband.Popular Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia has recently made headlines after revealing that she has lost count of the number of men she has dated. The former Tahidi High actress, known for her candid nature, disclosed this information during a tiktok live.

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Matubia, who rose to fame for her role as Jolene in the popular TV drama series, has been quite open about her personal life in the past. However, her revelation about losing count of her past relationships has surprised many of her fans and followers.

The actress, who had a bitter fallout with her second husband, Blessing Lung’aho. The details surrounding their breakup remain undisclosed, but Matubia has expressed her readiness to move on and find love again.

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In her quest for a new beginning, Matubia has stated that she is now looking for her third husband. Despite the challenges she has faced in her previous relationships, she remains optimistic about finding true love.

Matubia’s openness about her romantic life has sparked a debate among fans and the public about the nature of relationships in the modern world. Some have applauded her for her honesty, while others have criticized her for being too open about her personal life.

Regardless of the opinions, Matubia’s story serves as a reminder that love and relationships can be complex and challenging. As she embarks on her journey to find her third husband, many will be watching closely to see where her path leads.

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