“Nimeoga Nikarudi Soko” Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex Says She is Ready to Mingle

Stivo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishy.

(Photos, Stivo and Pritty).

Pritty Vishy has made it public that they have parted ways with her long-term boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy. The main reason why they broke up is because of Stivo and Adasa’s alleged relationship.

Speaking in an interview, Pritty Vishy said that when Stivo shared a video having some good moments with Adasa in Mombasa, she felt disrespected and also she was very hurted because according to her Stivo had just cheated on her.

Pritty Vishy said that it is not clout chasing, she cried and even almost got depressed because she has been very essential in the making of Simple Boy, and she has always been there for him.

Pritty said that she feels like she has healed and now she is back on market and very much ready to mingle with a man who is ready to treat her like a queen. Pritty said that her moving on does not mean that she won’t support Stivo.

She said that despite them not being in love, she feels like God has chosen her to be the helper of Stivo Simple Boy. So she will always share his songs and supports him where possible, but when it comes to love that is where she draws the line.

Pritty briefly narrated her love life with Stivo Simple Boy, and how the public came to know that the two were dating. She said that it hurts but it is life, and she has to move on.

Stivo Simple Boy on the other hand, after admitting that they have parted ways, has dropped a song with his alleged lover Adasa. Simple Boy said in the previous interview that he dumped Pritty Vishy because there are some of her behaviours that he completely doesn’t like them.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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