“Murathe Usiniletee Chang’aa na Ulevi Yako” Fearless Sudi Badly Destroys Jubilee Chairman in Eldoret.

Oscar Sudi vs Murathe


This man Oscar Sudi seems to be very confident and fearless, he is prone to insulting anyone who crosses his path. The kapsaret member of parliament has again hitted out at Jubilee chairman David Murathe, and this time round he has destroyed him badly.

Speaking in Kenya Kwanza coalition rally, in Eldoret while celebrating the fail of BBI, Oscar Sudi called out Murathe and publicly told him that, he should stop getting drunk and spitting words that he doesn’t even know anything about them.
“Mimi leo nataka Kuonya huyu Mtu anaitwa Murathe, na hii ni onyo, asiniletee chang’aa zake na ulevi wake hapa. Mambo ya Kiambaa tuliongea na tukasamehana, apeleke hio ulevi yake huko mbali, hii ni onyo Kwake” Oscar Sudi said without any fear.

This is not the first time Oscar Sudi is using insults while addressing senior political leaders in this nation. He is still on the record for insulting both the president of Kenya and his mother. Sudi is very controversial, and what usually shocks people is that he has very loyal supporters in his constituency.
Despite having several scandals in court, Sudi has remained powerful in the Kenya Kwanza coalition, and is among the few members of parliament who have been at the forefront of protecting William Ruto.

When the court declared BBI initiative unconstitutional, Sudi was among the Kenya Kwanza coalition members of parliament that reacted and he really destroyed Uhuru and Raila and as usual he used insulting words to destroy them.
Here is the link to the full video of Oscar Sudi destroying Murathe in Eldoret. (courtesy of Daily News).



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