“Nisamehe , Naumia Na Mapenzi Mimi” Obsessed Harmonize trying to Beg Kajala For Forgiveness.

Harmonize and Kajala

(Image, Harmonize and Kajala)

Harmonize has caused stir online again, this is after he publicly decided to try and beg Fridah Kajala, who is his ex girlfriend to forgive him. The two were in love for three months last year (2021) before things went left.

There relationship had goals and the two seemed to have a bright future together, because in just a period of one month they had already gotten tattoos of each others name on their necks. They were always spotted in similar outfit, and it was clear that Harmonize and Kajala are a thing.

However due to greed, Harmonize decided to start thirsting at Fridah Kajala’s beautiful daughter Paulah Kajala who is a teen. Harmonize even went to an extent of sending her nudes to prove his manhood and even try and convince Paulah to have sex with him.

Paulah was very brave and she knew very well that was disrespect because her mother was already dating him. Paulah decided to inform her mother and also revealed to the public and even leaked the nudes of Harmonize. That is how Kajala dumped Harmonize and decided to stay single, it was a very painful break up.

Harmonize decided to move on just after some few months and he flaunted his new girlfriend Briana. After dating Briana for 6 months, things have gone left again and the two have parted ways mutually.
Now harmonize seems to be very hopeless in love, and memories have drove him to Fridah Kajala. Since breaking up With Briana Harmonize has been begging Kajala to forgive him and take him back.
(Here are the latest screenshots of Harmonize trying to beg Kajala for forgiveness).

(courtesy of Harmonize Instagram).

Indeed Harmonize seems to be obsessed with Kajala, and despite being that famous he is on his knees begging for forgiveness. Kajala was indeed a very good woman and Harmonize deserved her . For know I don’t think if it will be possible because he really disrespected Fridah Kajala, but we wish him all the best.

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