Nimeiva Kumliko! Jackie Matubia Crazy Reaction To Blessings New Girlfriend.

Jackie Matubia reaction to Blessings New Girlfriend Irene

Blessing Lung’aho, Jackie Matubias ex and baby daddy , caused stir online, after he introduced his new girlfriend Irene to the public. This was just some months after having a very nasty breakup with Jackie Matubia.

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The new girlfriend received praises from Kenyans, and as usual the comparison had to be done by the Instagram DCI , who are always there to bash celebrities.
When Jackie shared a post on her official Instagram page, people flocked on the comment section and the story was all about Blessings new catch Irene.

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Her fans were updating her about her ex boyfriends new girl who seems to be top notch than her. Jackie Matubia decided to respond to some of the comments. In like two comments Jackie Matubia said that , “she still has the crown no elections were held”.

If you interpret that statement, Jackie Matubia is trying to say that she is still top tier as compared to Irene. She is still hot than her , meaning no upgrade Blessings did. Jackie seems to be enjoying her fans comments as she responds to some of them.

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Majority of Jackie Matubia’s fans were saying that she is hot than Irene, therefore she shouldn’t worry, her ex hasn’t made an upgrade. The comment section was full of crazy comments and reactions.

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