How Huddah Monroe was Drugged and Betrayed Her Close Friends

Huddah Betrayed by Her Friends.

Huddah Monroe was Drugged by her close friend’s and this is the reasons why the socialite is always alone. She decided to keep her circle small.

How Huddah Monroe Was Drugged by her close friends.

Huddah said that back then she used to have like 20 friends in her house. they used to chew khat and even get drunk together.However what she didn’t knew that those friends were all fake friends.  Some of them used to betray her, and others even drugged her. Their intentions were evil and they wanted to finish her completely.

Why Huddah Monroe has no Friends.

After Huddah Monroe was Drugged, by people she trusted very much, she decided not to have a friend. The socialite choose to just be alone, lock herself in her house and enjoy the vibe alone.

Huddah said that she has social anxiety and she isn’t able to make any new friends because, she thinks that everyone is just evil like the friends she had.
(Here is the screenshot of Huddah Monroe’s words)

Huddah Monroe was Drugged
How Huddah Monroe was Drugged/screenshot courtesy

Why people think Huddah Monroe has pride

Since Huddah Monroe was Drugged and changed her lifestyle completely , most people think that she has pride. But in real life she is friendly. she just doesn’t trust people anymore, that is why she is always alone. Huddah enjoys her company. However she said she will try and see if she can find good friends who are loyal.

How she used to be alone in Dubai.

Remember the whole of 2021 Huddah was in Dubai and she just  landed in Kenya few months. While abroad Huddah even vowed not to come back to Kenya because of how jealous people are. She was always Spotted alone.

Who is the only close friend of Huddah Monroe.

The only close friend of Huddah Monroe is the famous female actress Bridget Shighadi, though they don’t hang out oftenly.

Sometimes living your own private life is very good and it can help you to escape several scandals and also have peace of mind.

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