Famous Gengetone Artist Nelly The Goon Opens Up on Depression and Being Broke

Nelly The Goon Opens Up on Depression.

One of the most famous Gengetone Artist and a member of Ochungulo Family , Nelly The Goon, has decided to reveal his whereabouts. Nelly is not in a good situation currently, it seems like things are going left.

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After the collapse of gengetone music, which was during the Covid 19 time. Things have not been good for the gengetone artist. Most of them have cried out on social media for financial support and mental support . The music genre collapsed and hence alot of artists remained jobless.

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Nelly The Goon is the latest gengetone artist to open up on depression. After missing from the limelight for a while. Nelly has revealed that he is currently somewhere in Kajiadoo and he is really struggling. He is battling with being broke and depression. Things aren’t fine but he is trying to make them work out.

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Nelly The Goon
Nelly The Goon Opend up on Depression and being broke/courtesy

We hope he will get assisted. Kenyans of good will can also reach out at him via his Instagram page.
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