Naked Beach: A Wonder Beach In Africa Where No One is Allowed to Wear Clothes

Welcome to Naked Beach in South Africa.

Naked Beach is one of the famous beaches in Africa , which have some unique rules. If you are looking forward to visit , the beach is found in the republic of South Africa.South Africa is the only known nude beach in the African continent.

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It is located Mpenjati Beach located in the KwaZulu – Natal Province.Though wearing clothes is optional in many beaches, but in this there is a very strict rule. No one is supposed to wear clothes. You go natural, you aren’t expected to carry any clothes with you.

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It took some intervention for the beach to be opened. This is because the local residents opposed the idea for several months.Though after convincing the Authorities .The Naked Beach was officially launched in 2014.

Here are the rules that were put in place.

1. Photography isn’t allowed , unless those who want to appear in the picture gives their consent.
2. No one is allowed to stare anyone around them.
3. Immoral  behavior isn’t allowed.

4. Racism and use of offensive words or sexism isn’t allowed.

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However Everyone is always advised to carry a towel , to cover themselves incase there are some unpredictable reactions on there bodies.The beach is a tourist attraction and also favourite for many foreigners.

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