“Nilikuwa Nataka Kuoa Akothee,She Was My Type” Ringtone Says

The self proclaimed chairman of gospel music industry in Kenya, Ringtone Apoko, finally reacted to Esther Akothee’s wedding. The singer made some controversial statement, as he gifts Akothee, a bank cheque of ksh.990,000


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Speaking during an interview with online media, Ringtone Apoko said that Akothee is the one who married Omosh, and not the other way round. He said that nobody can marry her ,hence she is the one who initiated for the wedding and went on to marry Omosh.

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Apoko went on and confessed his love for Akothee. The gospel artist said that Akothee was the type of a woman he needs in his life. He was even planning to shoot his shot at Akothee incase he doesn’t find a perfect woman to marry.

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Ringtone who is yet to get married , said that one of the reasons he was crushing on her, and even considering her, is because of Akothee’s behaviour and also her energy, she is always real and she is a woman who is determined to do anything.

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Unlike Krg The Don, Apoko congratulated Akothee for wedding, and he agreed that it was indeed a royal wedding. The musician went on and wrote a bank cheque of ksh.999, 000 for Akothee. He said that Akothee should use the money to enjoy herself and buy anything she feels.

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He however passed a very strong message to Omosh. He said that Omosh should just be ready to be beaten. Since Akothee is the one who married him, she will be always harassing him and it won’t be any easy marriage life as he is thinking.

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