“Nataka Dem Figure Chupa, Mdosi na Mali Safi” Krg the Don Says.

Krg's Girlfriend.

(Image source, Krg Instagram).

After staying Single for almost six months, Krg the Don who parted ways with his ex wife on October 2021, has decided to reveal the features of  a girlfriend he wants.
Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Krg the Don said that he is back on market and there are certain features he is looking on a girl he wants to date and marry.
Krg the Don said that he is currently looking for a lady who is aged between 22 years to 27 years. The girl must have a good body figure, that is pure figure 8, she must not be a peasant, hence she must have her own money. The girl must also have good looks.
Krg the Don said that the girl must also be ready to take care of his two children and she must have smart brains. He said if he finds the girl with the above features, then he won’t hesitate to marry her, because he has everything and he is ready to also help the girl to live a very good life with him.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of Nicholas Kioko).
Krg parted ways with his ex wife Linah, Linah is now dating Mbogi Genje’s Manager and she seems to be enjoying life.

Krg had previously referred to her ex wife a harlot and he revealed that her elder sister was the one controlling her and she also introduced her to prostitution so this was just risky and he decided to just part ways with her.

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