Inside Zari’s New Multimillion Mansion in Namanga Kenya ( Photos).

Zari's Multimillion Mansion in Namanga, Kenya.

Inside Zari’s New Multimillion Mansion in Namanga Kenya ( Photos).

One of the most famous socialite in Africa and also a very successful female entrepreneur Zari the boss lady is currently in Kenya. Zari is on a business trip and she was invited by one of the famous real estate companies in Kenya. However what has surprised most people is that Zari has also bought a house from the company and she is now a new owner of a very expensive Mansion in the country.

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The luxurious mansion is found in Namanga and it is among the best Mansions in this nation. It is strategically located and the environment is just conducive. The green environment and the area is free from unnecessary noise.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.(courtesy of Mungai Eve).

Here are some of the photos of the mansion (courtesy of Mungai Eve).

Zari mansion in Kenya

She has however not revealed the price of the mansion but it seems to be above ksh. 20 Million because it is fully furnished and it is ready for someone to move in. Zari now owns 3 houses in 3 different countries, that is Kenya, South Africa and his Matrimonial home Uganda.

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Congratulations Zari Hassan you are indeed a mentor to many young upcoming socialites and also female entrepreneurs, may almighty God continue blessing you.

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