“My Husband Dumped me For My Mother” Emotional Martha Narrates

The story of Martha.


The story of a lady identified as Martha has caused stir online, this is after she narrated how both her real mother and husband betrayed her.

Speaking with NTV, Martha said that she was forced to break up with her husband after their marriage became more toxic and his husband was almost killing her. Martha said that his husband was very violent and she really used to beat her up, but when she told her mother, her mother usually defended the husband.


When things got worse Martha decided to quit the marriage, and decided to live his own life,this was in 2007. What Martha didn’t know was that his husband was dating his mother, and the whole period she was staying with him, he was also in love with her mother and having ‘sex’ with her mother.

Martha said that she realised in 2020 that her mother and her husband who was then ex, have been in relationship for 15 years. Martha said that her husband was beating her because he wanted her to leave so that he can have room to accommodate her mother.

It was indeed a very weird experience, imagine your husband dumping you for your mother.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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