“I Masturbate Six Times A Day” Rose Mother Of Three Says.

Rose Battling With Masturbation


Masturbation is a very addictive thing, and to be open, a good number of Kenyans and people around the world are addicted to doing it. It is a safe way of satisfying yourself but it also has its side effects and also the holy books term it as an evil act and it is not recommended for anyone to do it.
Rose who is a mother of three children, and a very beautiful Gikuyu girl from central Kenya has said that She is very tired of Masturbation, she is obsessed by the spirit of masturbation and it is something she is now addicted to.

Narrating while shedding tears Rose said that she has 3 children, and she started doing masturbation like a joke and she used to do it only one time per week and she started getting addicted to it and started doing daily. Currently she always masturbate six times a day.

She said that is the minimum times she does in a day, and a day can never pass if she hasn’t done the thing. She is now tired and seeking for help from any expert because she feels it is enough and she doesn’t want to be an addict again.
(Here is the video of Rose Narrating how the whole thing started and how she became an addict, it is in a Gikuyu language, but I have explained for you everything).

(Video, Courtesy).
It is a very serious issue, and we hope she will get assistance, because masturbation has several effects starting from the brain to reproductive health.

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