Mwalimu Tom Daktari: Why I Always Give My  Father Ksh.40,000 Every Week.

Tom Daktari is one of the most famous and talented Kenyan content creator, he is also a comedian and also doing a very amazing job on Tiktok that has seen him, land into Multimillion deals.

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He even acquired a brand new car , due to his dope content. Born and raised in a poor background, the journey of Mwalimu Tom has been of many hills and valleys. Sammy Kioko played a very huge role in making him who he is today.

Speaking in an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Mwalimu Tom Daktari said that, he really value his parents alot, his mother and father, played a very huge role in trying to make him the best, now it is his time to reward them.

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He said that currently , he usually makes sure that every week he sends to his father or family in general ksh.40,000 . He said that he watched his dad toil to raise his school fees, he used to graze goats, and at the end, paid ksh. 3000 every month.

Tom said that he sends him and his mother money regularly and keeps on blessing him, he respects and loves his parents very much, and he will always be there for them.

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