A man Slices Another man’s Head 3 Times After He Found Him Having Merry With His Wife

Man kills another after found him with his wife.

A man Kills Another After He Found Him Having Merry With His Wife.

A 35 years old man in Ukwala, Keringet, Kuresoi Subcounty lost his life yesterday on 31st March 2022 after he was found pants down with another man’s wife.

According to the DCI reports, it is said that the incident occurred at around 2pm on 31st March. The man who lost his life is identified as Edward komen.
According to the reports, it is said that Komen was welcomed into the man’s house by his wife, where they were having some good moments as they get nasty and try to make the moment more sweater.

They were abruptly bursted by the Woman’s husband, who is 53 years old. Without wasting anytime and reacting to his anger, the husband took a machete, and started chopping the man. He descended on him mercilessly, and he hacked his head three times hence killing him on the spot. In the ensuing melee, the woman fled the scene to nearby farms and hasn’t been seen again.

The villagers had earlier had the commotions, so they decided to go and find out what was wrong in the homestead, only to found a young man on the ground with blood everywhere. It was a shocking scene, and something that has never been witnessed in Ukwala.

The area Chief peter Lang’at has termed the incident as so unfortunate, and pleaded with the villagers to always abide by the laws, and avoid such deadly crime scenes that might land them into jail forever.

The suspect has been arrested by the police and he is im custody at Keringet police station, waiting for arraignment in court of law. It is indeed a very sad incidence and May Edward Komen rest in peace. It hurts but it is not good to take away someone’s life because he has slept with your wife.

(courtesy of DCI Kenya).



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