Dark Side of Tiktok: How WashWash Tycoons Are Using Tiktokers To Wash Money If The Deal Fail They Finish Them.

There is a dark side of tiktok that is about to be exposed anytime soon. It seems something strange is going on on Tiktok, especially Kenyan tiktok. There are tycoons who have ventured into a serious business, with famous tiktokers and if the deal fails then they will automatically finish you.

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It has been alleged that this might also be among the things that led to the death of Brian Chira. According to a reliable source, It is alleged that there is a group of wealthy tiktokers who are doing washawash on Tiktok.
This is made easily, by them coming into a deal with famous tiktokers. Thie deal is for them to send a tiktoker several lions while on their lives. Then the tiktoker has to withdraw the money and they send it to them while legit, hence taking some percentage.
This makes it legit and no one can even know they are doing money laundering. However if a tiktoker fails to send them money , and decides to be rude, they will come for you.

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It is alleged that Chira was running away from people who wanted to hurt him and that is how he met his death. The accident thing isn’t adding up because how can he be hit by an overspeeding lorry, then only have an injury on head, yet all other body parts have no a scar even.
It is alleged that there is something like that going on and even Nyako knows it, she knows there are people who are after her, and that is why she has been predicting her death recently because she knows it won’t take alot of time for her to be prounced dead, if she isn’t more careful.
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