Nyako: I Regret Giving My Rosecoco to Many White Men “Hii Kitu Imekulwaa Sana”

Kenyan controversial tiktoker who is based in abroad Nyako has been going viral on Tiktok, this is after she decided to open up on her body count as she reveals her experience on having intercourse with many white men.

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Nyako is usually open and unapologetic. During her live on Tiktok, the tiktoker was asked about something she regrets doing. She said that the only thing she can somehow regret doing, is sleeping with many white men.

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The tiktoker openly said that she can’t remember her body count, because she has been in bed with uncountable white men. She however said that the experience was amazing and it usually brings to her mixed feelings, hence sometimes she regrets and sometimes she doesn’t regret doing that.

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She also went ahead and said that one of her memorable steamy bed moment is when she had a threesome with two white gay men. Nyako said it was the best feeling ever, because the two men were blessed with huge cucumbers , hence they satisfied her very well. She doesn’t regret doing it.

Kenyan Germany Based Tiktoker Nyako
Kenyan Germany Based Tiktoker Nyako

Nyako said that her past is made off several weird stories, but currently she is happily married to a white man and they have a baby together. She is being treated well and as a family they have a very happy relationship.

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