Mulamwah: I’m A Young Millionaire, I Own 27 Motorbikes and Over 12 Sources Of Income.

Mulamwah's Networth

If you talk of the smartest celebrities and content creators in Kenya, Mulamwah won’t fail to be among the top 3. He has good brains and this have really helped him to become a millionaire at a very young age.

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Speaking in a sit down video with his fiancée, Mulamwah said that , when he started earning money as a nurse and also from content creation, he used to reinvest that money.

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The first thing he did was to reside in a cheaper house, and went on to start purchasing motorcycles. Mulamwah said that he reached to a point where he purchased three motorcycles in a single day.

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As at 2024 Mulamwah said that he has 27 Motorbikes. For example lets say each motorbike, brings  a total of Ksh.500 daily , that might be a total of Ksh.13500 daily.
The content creator said that he is a millionaire, he said that he has over 12 sources of income, and according to research an average millionaire has 12 sources of income.

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Some of his sources of income are Radio, youtube, advertisement deals, Skiza tune, motorbikes and other investments that he choose not to say. He said he can even go upto 3 months plus without touching money from the motorbikes.
Mulamwah said that he is still investing and he will continue with his financial discipline.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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