Hii Imeenda,19 Years Triomio Spotted Getting Cosy With 30 Years Old Notiflow.

Triomio and Notiflow

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan artist, who became a celebrity a very younger age while still in highschool, Triomio, caused stir online after he was spotted getting cosy and touchy with Notiflow.

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In a snippet of videos that Notiflow and Triomio have posted on their social media pages, the two were partying together and they seemed to be having a very quality time.

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The two have a very huge age difference, keeping in mind that Notiflow identifys herself as a lesbian and she is 30 years old. On the other hand Triomio is still a young teenager who is only 19 years old and still trying to reach the peak of his career.

Notiflow and Triomio
Notiflow and Triomio

The two were very touchy and it was in a suggestive way. They seem to be best friends or maybe something might be going on privately. But Notiflow is a lesbian who vowed never to date a man again in her life.

A section of Kenyans said that the two lookalike and they can even make a good couple. They are both lightskin and they just blend each other. What we currently know is that the two are just friends, nothing is going on between them, and maybe the video might be for clout chasing.

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