Mulamwah: My 1st Salary in Nairobi Was Ksh.270,000 and Used To Live 6500 Bedsitter.

Mulamwah's first salary in Nairobi

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan content creator, who is also very controversial, especially with his baby mama, Mulamwah decided to open up on how he struggled before getting his first salary in Nairobi.

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Speaking in a sit-down video, Mulamwah said that after campus, he managed to secure an internship opportunity at Kenyatta Hospital. However since he was from a humble background, they had to sell a sheep to facilitate his transport.

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He reached Nairobi and he had no one to accommodate him, so he decided to be sleeping at Jeevanjee gardens for about a week, before one of his relatives came to pick him.

He was very broke, while living at his relatives house, which is somewhere along outering road. Mulamwah had sometimes to walk from Outering to KNH. Life was tough, but he was very optimistic that things will get better.

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He was a very hardworking nurse at KNH and the internship period was three months. Each month they used to be paid ksh.90,000 . So after three months, Mulamwah received his first salary in Nairobi and it was ksh.270,000.

This was a life changing money, this was the money that made Mulamwah to become who he is. He said that since that day he received his first salary in Nairobi upto date ( 2024) , he has never gone broke.

The comedian decided to move into a new house, which was a bedsitter worth Ksh.6500 rent per month. It was based somewhere in ghetto. Despite having all that money, Mulamwah decided to reside in a ghetto.

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He was now making a huge amount of money, and saving alot. He worked at KNH for 10 Months and each month he used to earn Ksh.90,000 plus other allowances. After the 10 month his video went viral, and he started being a celebrity in Kenya.

Mulamwah exited nursing to concentrate on content creation, and that is how he became a millionaire, and his life changed alot. Mulamwah said that he is still investing his money and he is optimistic that he will he a billionaire.

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