Mulamwah: I have Already Spend Ksh.4.8 Million on My Mansion That is Still Under Construction

David oyando famous as Mulamwah has finally decided to open up on the amount of millions he has already spend on his upcoming village mansion that is still under construction.

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The comedian and the radio presenter is currently working very hard and smart to make sure that he finishes his mansion as soon as possible. He even decided to go and live in a bedsitter in Nairobi, despite being a celebrity, so that he can direct a good amount of money on his mansion.

The comedian said that it will be a 5 bedroom plus mansion, and it will be following the modern design bungalows. Mulamwah revealed that so far he has already spend ksh. 4.8 Million and he is still counting.

Mulamwah mansion
Mulamwah’s mansion under construction

There is still a long way to go despite him doing a big part which is the foundation, design and also doing like two floors.

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In the previous interviews, Mulamwah revealed that his dream was to one day own a Mansion, and he is seeing it come true. He even denied himself the luxury of buying an expensive car , and opted to save that money and use it to make sure that the construction of his mansion is progressing on very well.

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