Hii Imeenda, Tanasha Donna Spotted At Diamond Platnumz’s Mansion.

A video of Tanasha Donna at the famous Tanzanian Singer Diamond platnumz’s mansion has gone viral online, and it has really caused stir online. Diamond platnumz and Tanasha Donna have a child together but they parted ways in 2021 after several misunderstanding that made them to end their relationship mutually.

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However since breaking up with Diamond Platnumz, Tanasha has not been in a hurry of moving in a new relationship. She has taken her time very well to raise her child Naseeb Junior and also focus on herself as she grows as a brand.
Since parting ways, Tanasha and Diamond have never shared the photos of them together, though their are some allegations that the two have met several times because of their kid Naseeb.

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In the recent video that has gone viral online, Tanasha Donna was spotted in Diamond platnumz’s mansion in Tanzania. Meaning that the two met, and it is Tanasha who took Baby Naseeb to see his father Diamond platnumz.



The two are co-parenting, and this seems to be working on them perfectly. It might be difficult for them to reunite because, Diamond Platnumz is allegedly dating his signee Zuchu.

In addition to this there were several things that happened before them breaking up, and it came out clear that the two were not a perfect match.

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