”  Brown Mauzo is Broke,I will Hire Him at My Baby Shower Atleast Apate Kakitu” Amberay Destroys Vera’s Husband .

The Beef between Amberay and Vera Sidika is getting messy and nasty. The two curvy socialites have decided to destroy each other online , and this seems to worsen their beef more .

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It all started after Vera Sidika claimed that Amberay copied his gender reveal planning and she did exactly what Vera had done. Vera threw shade at Amberay and even tried to downgrade her by attacking her for being a gold digger.

As you all know, Amberay is the queen of drama, and in online wars she knows how to thrive very well. After deconstructing Vera Sidika and exposing how she is allegedly living a fake life, she decided to attack her husband Brown Mauzo.

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Amberay claimed that Brown Mauzo is broke and he has no talent. She urged Vera to inspire Brown Mauzo so that he can atleast get a job. In a mocky way, Amberay said that she is ready to hire Brown Mauzo to perform at her baby shower event, so that atleast he can make some money.

Amberay mocking Brown Mauzo
Amberay mocking Brown Mauzo

This is a diss to both Brown Mauzo and Vera, Amberay is trying to mean that Brown Mauzo is surviving on Vera Sidika’s money. Remember Brown Mauzo is an ex boyfriend of Amberay, so Amberay knows him very well.

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