“I’m Single and I Won’t Marry Anytime Soon” Otile Brown.

Otile Brown opens up on Dating and Marriage.

“I’m Single and I Won’t Marry Anytime Soon” Otile Brown.

Jacob Obunga famous as Otile Brown has finally decided to break silence over his relationship status. Otile Brown parted ways with his long term lover and best girlfriend ever Nabii earlier this year. It was mutual but very hurtful to Otile Brown and since breaking up Otile Brown hasn’t moved on.

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Otile Brown said that she has been in many relationships and left but her relationship with Nabii was just on another level and he had already made a decision to settle with Nabii.

It was a tough decision for them to part ways and since then there is no any girl who has impressed him. Otile revealed that Nabii was a wife material and this made him to love her with all his heart and whenever she used to come to Kenya, Otile was the one cooking for her and just treating her like a queen.

Otile Brown revealed that he is currently single and he is not planning to get married anytime soon because finding a good woman is a very big challenge to him. Otile wants a lady who has wife materials qualities and who is ready to settle.

Otile revealed that currently he is at the peak of his career and he has diverted all the relationship efforts into his talent and maybe in future he will find his ideal type, but for now, he is very much single.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of presenter Ali).

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