“Sifuna Keep My Wife Out of Your Cheap Politics” Angry Bahati Roars.

Bahati Mathare MP

“Sifuna Keep My Wife Out of Your Cheap Politics” Angry Bahati Roars.

Kevin Kioko Bahati is currently going through alot after his own party Jubilee betrayed him through the influence of Sifuna and Rachel Shebesh. The two are the ones who have ignited Bahati to be removed from Mathare parliamentary seat. This has forced Bahati to start a very nasty beef with ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna.

After an official statement from Jubilee party that assured ODM that they have already dropped Bahati and allowed Mathare to be an ODM zone, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna was the first person to react to the news.

Sifuna who is currently having a beef with Bahati, congratulated Jubilee party while insulting Bahati. In his tweet, Sifuna referred to Bahati as a cry baby and he will go to take his apology letter by himself to Diana Marua who is the wife to Bahati.

Bahati didn’t take it lightly because this was a mockery and also bringing Diana into politics isn’t right because Diana isn’t a politician. Bahati hitted out at Sifuna and told him that he must respect women. Angry Bahati used vulgar language to insult Sifuna and warned him to keep his wife out of his cheap politics.

Bahati had earlier slammed Sifuna by telling him that if he continues with his behaviour of downgrading youths then, he will loose the Nairobi Senatorial bid very early in the morning. He had also bashed shebesh and exposed her badly for humiliating the women of Mathare. However the final news from Azimio is that they have dumped Bahati for Anthony Oluoch.

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