” Mimi Ndio Maria Mama Wa Yesu Kristo” Yesu wa Tongaren’s Mother Says.

Meet Yesu wa Tongaren's Mother

Eliud Wekesa famous as Yesu Wa Tongaren has been the talk of the town since the beginning of 2023. More new details about the self proclaimed Jesus keep on emerging daily.

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After going viral online, Yesu wa Tongaren introduced his wife Malaika Benjamin to the limelight and he said that she is his 4rth disciple. After that he again introduced his elder daughter identified as Nabii Enoka, who publicly claimed to be the granddaughter of God.

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For a while people have been waiting to hear from the close family members of Yesu wa Tongaren. His mother emerged, when Yesu wa Tongaren was receiving gifts from 2Mbili, which was a brand new phone and some cash that were from Kiddo.

Meet Yesu wa Tongaren's Mother
2Mbili handing out phone gift to Yesu Wa Tongaren, his wife and his mother

The elder woman said that she is the mother of Jesus of Tongaren, meaning that she is mary who was the mother of Jesus. She was hyped and from how she was talking, she seemed to be very convinced that Eliud Wekesa is indeed the real Jesus.

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She has been supporting Yesu wa Tongaren and she is among his followers, though she is rarely on the limelight, it was the first time for her to appear on the live interview. The whole family believes that Eliud Wekesa is their saviour and they are optimistic that they will go to heaven.
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