” How Can A 20 Yrs Old Girl Marry An Old Man?” Akothee Questioned By Her Sons.

How Akothee Got Married to an old Mzungu at the age of 20 years.


Esther Akoth well known as Akothee find a very difficult time in convincing her sons on how she got married to an old man when she was still at a tender age of 20 years.

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Madam boss who is in France, decided to visit his two sons Ojwang and Oyoo together with one of his baby daddy’s who is the father to Oyoo. Akothee and Oyoo’s father are still in good terms, and according to her the french old man is still her favourite ex .

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While they were having a meal together , her two sons Oyoo and Ojwang asked her how she ended up getting married to Father Oyoo at the age of 20 years, yet Oyoo’s father was very old. Akothee said that, that time Oyoo’s father was still very young and energetic. He wasn’t as old as they are seeing him today.

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She went ahead and gave them the whole story and how she ended up getting married to the French man. He was the first one to pay for her a business class plane from Kenya to Djibouti, where they had a good time and one thing led to another and that is how Oyoo was formed.

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Akothee had a very good time with his baby daddy and children in France. After that she went back to  her ex Swiss husband Mr Omosh, and according to her message on her social media pages, she was on a serious journey of trying to get atleast one baby with Omosh , before she reaches her menopause.

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