“Mimi na Trevor Tushawai Pigwa na Goons Juu Ya YouTube Content” Mungai Eve Reveals

Mungai Eve and Trevor Attacked by Goons.


(Source, Instagram Mungai Eve).

One of the most famous Kenyan female Youtuber Mungai Eve has publicly revealed that, her and his boyfriend Director Trevor have ever been attacked and beaten by thugs because of their youtube content.

Speaking in an interview with King’ori, Eve said that, when she started youtube, she was doing much of Ghetto controversial content, which created enemity between her and some of the famous musicians. Eve said that there is a time they were from shooting in Donholm, and it was at night where, they were just abruptly attacked by goons.
The goons were claiming that she had turnished Zzero Sufuri’s name, and they had arms, which include knifes and other sharp objects. Eve said that they were harassed because it was a group of thugs, and her and Trevor couldn’t handle them. They were not injured but they were really harassed, and maybe if they were really serious goons they could have done something very bad to them.
Eve said that is one of the reasons, she doesn’t do controversial content anymore.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.
Eve said she is now focusing higher and she doesn’t want to create enemity with people by posting controversial content.

Currently Mungai Eve has 487K subscribers, he is a very big brand and he has been signing deal after deal. People trust her brand so doing some of the fixed ghetto stories will be a big challenge, that is why you see the likes of Manzi Wa Kibera aren’t featuring on her videos.


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