“Mbogi Genje Stole My Motorbike, Tunaenda Kwa Mganga Kuwaroga”

Smady Things and Guzman of Mbogi Genje found themselves in a hot soup, after they were accused of stealing a motorbike. The two members of Mbogi Genje , denied the claims and said that Kayole youths were just trying to blame them for their own issues.

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Kenyan YouTuber, Truth Watchdog, decided to go to the ground, to get an overview of what happened and if it is true that Mbogi Genje stole a Motorcycle in Kayole area.

Speaking during the interview, Abeli, the 20 years old man who lost his motorcycle, said that Smady Things knows very well where it is. He said that the day that motorcycle lost , he was with Smady Things, and doing errands of taking him to places.

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According to the young man, he alleges that Smady Things and Guzman, used a certain to just confuse him, and get an optune time of stealing the bike
The young man said that he had taken Smady in Umoja area, and Smady went to a certain apartment, and all this time he was just making calls. As he was waiting for Smadythings to come back, a young man came and told him that Smady was calling him.

So he left the motorbike outside the apartment, and went inside to meet Smady Things. While inside he found Smady charging a phone as he makes random calls, suggesting that he was communicating with someone who stole the motorbike. He claimed it was an inside job, and Smady was involved.

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The boy said that for along time Smady has been admiring the bike, and that day is when he got a good time to steal it. Abeli said that when they came back to ask Smady, he ran away, and went to the police station to defend himself.

Abeli alleged that the officers aren’t that active in this case, because Smady Things and Guzman might have bribed them to let the case disappear.

He also said that Guzman’s mum, called them and said that if the motorbike wouldn’t be found, she will buy a new one for him, she hasn’t spoken since them.

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Abeli and the crew said that , because they can’t afford to get assistance from the officers, they might make a very strange decision, which is going to the witchdoctor, and use bees to get back the bike.

They said that if Smady Things and Guzman won’t bring back the bike, then they will just do as they have decided, and this will help then to get the motorcycle.

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They said that they aren’t clout chasing, they are very sure that Smady Things is behind the theft of the motorcycle, and they think it is one of his dark works. They will make sure it is back, or else the bees will bring it back.

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